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DNP Degree, Practice, Experience, Leadership

Updated: Jan 15

Out of my 16.5 years of nursing experience, I now have 14 years of progressive leadership experience in team development, staff retention programs, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of patient services. I also earned my BSN (2006) and MSN (with a focus in Nursing Leadership and Management -2012) at the University of XXXX, providing me with some of the finest academic preparation for doctoral studies in nursing. I hope to continue my education to the terminal degree in my field at home, in XXXX, where I was born and lived for the first 34 years. I hope that my roots in our community will help me to excel in your program. Community service has long been at the top of my plan, and I have distinguished myself as a volunteer at the Alzheimer's Association and the March of Dimes.

DNP Degree, Practice, Experience, Leadership
DNP Practice, Experience, and Leadership

For over a decade now, I have been instrumental in providing active and enthusiastic modes of delivering messages to teams and creatively helping them work more cohesively as one unit. My areas of research interest that I have been cultivating for several years now lie in gerontology, nursing education, leadership, and kidney/liver/pancreas transplants. Finally, my application is strengthened because I taught at the UXX as an Adjunct Faculty in your BSN program for two years before I relocated to my present position in XXXX. Thus, I have been honored to have developed enriching relationships with many faculty members.

I have recently had the privilege of developing a Capstone Project under the guidance of Dr. XXXX, Dean of the College of Nursing at the University of XXXX. This project reflects one of my goals as a doctoral student if I am admitted to your program, developing an improved staff orientation program for transplant coordinators and assistants in the Transplant Program at the University of XXXX Medical Center. This program will focus on developing more efficient organizational systems and more effective leadership, particularly the development of standardized orientations for the Transplant Program at the University of XXXX Medical Center (UCMC).

DNP Degree, Practice, Experience, Leadership
DNP Practice Personal Statement Sample

Earning the DNP in Nursing Practice at the UXX will enable me to utilize evidence-based practice to continue developing effective work teams that will positively impact the healthcare organization I serve. My immediate goals, both during and upon my DNP Degree, would be to utilize my program of study to implement a new and improved staff orientation program for transplant coordinators and assistants in the Transplant Program at the University of XXXX Medical Center. At the center of my career plans stand the principle of cultivating elevated levels of staff satisfaction and retention, along with ongoing educational opportunities for all is paramount. Highly dedicated to lifelong learning, I fully intend to give my all to nursing education until I can no longer do so. Continuing education is central to high satisfaction levels for nursing staff, which translates into optimal patient care. I see myself moving to academia in a leadership role, dedicating my life to helping new generations of nursing students to cultivate the skills and intellect that will empower them to excel at the progressive enhancement of patient care. Later, I like to picture myself as a gatekeeper for the nursing profession in my career.

DNP/Contribution to Nursing/Health Care: Before relocating to XXXX in 2011, my central professional focus was gerontology and adult rehab nursing. I now have eight years of teaching experience in nursing since I served as an Adjunct Faculty member at XXXX Community College, where I earned my AS Degree in 1997, for six years, and two years at the University of XXXX. When I relocated to XXXX, I entered the acute side of nursing and have been in hospital leadership since August 2012. I am also teaching adjuncts for a local college here; however, since teaching is in my blood, I want to stay actively involved. I see my future career as a faculty member in a leadership position to be the principal, long-term contribution I make to nursing. The hospital organization I work for, the University of XXXX Medical Center, is a strong advocate for DNP education for its staff. It pleases me to pursue a terminal degree in my field to the mission and directions of the Medical Center where I serve.

I am now living through the best moments in my life because of my career in nursing, and I look forward to much more joy to come. I thrive on the growing intensity and passion that I have been feeling for my work with each passing year.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished DNP Program at the University of XXXX.


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